Care During Chemotherapy and Beyond

Benjamin - lung cancer

I am 76 years old and I have one foot in the grave and the other is on a banana peel, but life is a ball.

In 1998 when I was a young man of 70, I was informed that I had a growth in my left lung.  After a few examinations and a needle biopsy, I was informed it was a cancerous growth.  After consultation with an Internist, a Pulmonologist, a Cardiothoracic Sugeon and an Oncologist (here I would like to wish that you all would have as wonderful a group of doctors and nurses as I had), it was decided that chemotherapy and surgery would be our course of action.  This was accomplished.

In January of 2002, it was discovered that I had a tumor in the upper portion of my left lung.   A biopsy indicated it was cancerous.  This time chemo and radiation was the prescribed treatment and it was successful in eliminating the tumor. 

I mention this only to indicate I know of what I speak.  Do no let Cancer end your Life.  Wade in with Faith, Humor, and Resolve to survive and enjoy what ever length of time your have left on this green earth.  We will all die at some point, it is the living that we must face, conquer and manage.

Faith is a strong ally and is never to be overlooked.  Humor is the lubricant for an enjoyable Life, both for you and those around you.  Resolve is the determination to fight for every moment of enjoyment life has to offer.  Let no one "rain on your parade." is designed to provide the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends. For information about the 4th Angel Mentoring Program visit