Care During Chemotherapy and Beyond

Terry - a Survivor

Hearing the words "you have cancer" is bad enough, but after the operation that removed the tumor and part of my colon, I was informed that they also removed a small tumor from my liver, which meant the cancer had metastasized.  The oncologist did not look too happy when he told me I was in stage 4.  I must have been in total denial because I really didn't believe this was happening to me.  I had it all - a good marriage - two great kids - a job I liked - good friends and about to become a grandmother.  Maybe life was a little too good.  The chemotherapy that was selected for my cancer was infused through a port-a-cath.  I received about a teaspoon daily for 4 months. 

The side effects were minimal - no hair loss or nausea but other small inconveniences which were bearable.  You can imagine the anxiety I felt when I went for my first CT scan but the news was good and it has been good for the past 14 years.  I had one doctor tell me he did not believe that I had this type of cancer and was still living until he saw the reports.  Why am I a survivor?  I ask myself that question everyday when I thank God.  Maybe I needed to see my first granddaughter who was born later that year, or her sister born 4 years later - or to see my two little grandsons, one of which was just born or maybe I am still needed.  I don't know the answer but if I did I would wish it for all the cancer patients.  It's been 14 years - I still think about it everyday and am so grateful to the doctors who treated me and my family for their support.

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