Nutrition Resources – Finding More Information

During cancer treatment, it is important to have reliable nutrition resources to help you make healthy choices. This section will help you find good nutrition resources.

Consulting a Nutrition Professional

Research shows that good nutrition during cancer treatment supports better treatment outcomes and quality of life. A registered dietitian can help you understand your nutrition needs. In addition, dietitians can help you deal with treatment side effects, such as diarrhea or weight loss.

The terms "dietitian" and "nutritionist" mean different things. It is important to look for the title registered dietitian or the credentials RD. "Registered dietitian" is a legally protected term that means a health professional meets the following qualifications:

  • Minimum of bachelor's degree
  • Completed classes focusing on medical nutrition therapy
  • Registered by the Commission of Dietetic Registration after passing a national exam
  • Completed a dietetic internship involving 1000+ hours of supervised clinical practice
  • Maintains continuing education hours to remain current with research and recommendations

Most treatment facilities will have a registered dietitian on staff to assist you with your nutrition needs. Talk to your medical team to schedule an appointment with the dietitian.

Finding Reliable Resources

Throughout your cancer journey, you will encounter many information sources. Some resources will be more accurate than others. For example, your cancer doctor is a better resource than your neighbor. Consider the quality of resources before using the information.

Nutrition information needs to be evidence-based, not opinion-based. This means that the information is based on research. While one research study can provide insight into a topic, many studies are required to draw conclusions.

Pick nutrition resources from reputable, science-based organizations, not a business trying to sell a product. Here are some good resources:

  • Scientific peer-reviewed journals
  • Universities
  • Health care providers
  • Non-profit organizations focused on cancer research and prevention
  • Government agencies

Avoid seeking medical advice from people who are not medical experts. Accept advice with caution and always discuss any new diet, supplement, exercise, or alternative therapy with your medical team.

Organizations - Cancer and Nutrition

Nutrition Books, Websites, Organizations etc.

The National Institute for Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research

The American Cancer Society

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

National Center for Comprehensive and Alternative Therapies

The National Institute for Cancer Office for Comprehensive and Alternative Therapies

National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements

Books - Cancer and Nutrition

The China Study


Life Over Cancer

The Cancer Fighting Kitchen

Websites - Cancer and Nutrition

Key Points:

  • Don't believe everything you hear. Look for reliable resources for nutrition advice.
  • Discuss any new diet, supplement, exercise, or alternative therapy ith your medical team.

Due to variation in specific illness and treatment plans, eating practices of individuals diagnosed with cancer should be assessed throughout the continuum of care. Request an appointment with a registered dietitian at your treatment facility for a comprehensive nutrition assessment and tailored nutrition therapy plan to reflect your personal treatment goals.

If you are a patient at Taussig Cancer Institute at Cleveland Clinic, you can call (216) 444-6833 to schedule an appointment with the dietitian.

If you are a patient at Radiation Oncology at Cleveland Clinic, you can call (216) 444-5571 to schedule an appointment with a dietitian.

If you are not a Cleveland Clinic patient, you can call 216.444.3046 to schedule an appointment with a Cleveland Clinic dietitian.

If you are interested in corresponding with a Cleveland Clinic dietitian, but are unable to have an in-person appointment, we have two options for online, distance nutrition consultation services.

  • To schedule a MyConsult with a Cleveland Clinic dietitian, please to go
  • To schedule a virtual nutrition consultation via the online platform ExpressCare Online, please call 216.444.3046.

Clinical Trials

Search Cancer Clinical Trials

Carefully controlled studies to research the safety and benefits of new drugs and therapies.


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