A Childhood Cancer Survivor

It may be cancer. The words no one wants to hear are even more frightening when they are about your child. It's a parents worst nightmare. The world stops and turns your life upside down, sitters for siblings, insurance, treatments and side effects, replace school days, playdates and swim lessons.

That old cliche- every cloud has a silver lining seemed so bizarre those first few weeks but as we traveled this journey I saw a strength and drive in a small child that I rarely see in adults. She continued to take her skating lessons until her legs just wouldn't hold her up. She would look sort of green in the morning before school, I'd suggest staying home and she would say- " It's skating day Mommie, If I'm going to skate today I should go to school first" This from a child in kindergarten. Her drive to do what she loves got her through some horrible days.

We would lie and imagine what she would do when the chemo finished it's job and killed the cancer cells and she could get strong again. That little child who dreamed of "skating a spiral just like Nancys" (Kerrigan) now has a spiral that is getting close to just that and just started landing her double lutz,double toe jumps cleanly this week She is an inspiration. Our Motto: Think of what you really want and go for it- hold on to your dreams. Go for that personal best. Children can do it- so can you. LIVE-LOVE-DREAM

There is life after chemo- and it can be good!

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