Sarah - A 14 Year Old Survivor

I'm 14 yrs old and I have been in remission for almost 2 years.  One of the things that got me through being sick was just to put myself in a positive frame of mind.  I would think about the chemo attacking all the cancer cells in my body and killing them (like in a cartoon!!)  I would then try to do some type of relaxation stuff; like imagine that I was anyplace but Children's Hospital!

One of the things that helped me with my nausea was that my mom got some lavender tincture at the health food store.  She would put some of it on cotton balls and put it all over my room.  It made my nausea go down by at least half.  Plus the nurses really liked coming to my room!!

I would like to help anyone that I can that is going through this, whether you are an adult or a kid.  I have been there and I will answer any questions or talk to you at any time.

Sarah Shank
Durango, CO

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