Teresa - Breast Cancer Survivor

I found my breast lump 2 days after Christmas 2006. I had a lumpectomy, 6 rounds of chemo and am now halfway through radiation treatments. I am a survivor!

Along the way I have learned a lot and found some things that helped to get me through the inconveniences of overcoming cancer.

One of the most difficult side effect for me is the horrible after taste that is left in ones mouth. Even now that I am beginning to be able to taste my food again, I still have a nasty aftertaste from everything, even water. The only thing I found that really works for me is cinnamon gum or mints, at least temporarily, they banish the bad taste. Plus the cinnamon helps with nausea.

Everyone experiences some degree of fatigue and the longing for that afternoon nap. One-A-Day makes an All-Day Energy formula vitamin that worked wonders for me.I wouldn't have made it through the chemo, while working, without it. However ask your doctor before taking them!

Detaching from your hair (we don't "loose" it, we know where most of it ends up : ) ) has advantages. You save money on hair products and haircuts, time from washing and styling it, and the concern of "how does my hair look." Wigs are stylish. Hats can be fun. I get many compliments on mine (and they can be very inexpensive, $1 each for some). You can recreate the person the world sees in a very positive way by handling your lack of hair in a personalized, creative way. Your lack of hair has not changed who you are, just given you the opportunity to present to the world a new stronger, braver vision of who you really are.

Almost all doctors' offices are cold! If you are prone to getting cold either wear sox or keep some with you and keep a jacket handy also.

My heading of "keep your sox on" not only applies literally but also figuratively. Cancer is not the worst thing in the world. Just hang in there, do the best you can to make the most of everyday.

If you have found your cancer you are already a survivor!!!!!

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